Agro Input


We believed the backbone of Africa and for that matter Ghana lies in the field of agriculture.

We have come to understand the need to partner with the relevant stakeholders to take advantage of the ever growing and/or changing technological world to feed our people.

Travelling throughout Ghana has given us the feeling that we are blessed with the natural resources in the area of arable lands that we do not need to invent.

At PH AGRO INPUT, we are committed to reaching the rural farmer who for some reasons have no idea about new and developing strategies to increase their farm yields. Our network of both local and international input provides gives us the advantage to provide all kinds of agricultural services including supply of fertilizers, chemicals, machinery and other farm implements in timely manner. We will arrange at a very competitive price and deliver right at the place where you need to use it.

We understand the harm of a minute delay to deliver these products to you and this is the difference between us and others. We are not only your input supplier but we can be identified with you. We do this by visiting you periodically and teaching you how best to use these input to maximize the product you desired. This is because the survival of your farm is paramount to our heart.

Our services can be arranged through Farmer Based Organizations (FBO) and other individual organizations interested in organizing homogeneous farmers. Talk to us today and your farm will always be greener.

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