Who says transportation is luxury?

Who says transportation is luxury? It is not but rather a necessity. That is why you need to talk to the expert right now so we can arrange your very means of transportation for your movements. Our job is to deliver to your door step the vehicle of your choice.

 Our aim is to become the number one stop shop for all kinds of vehicles. Why should we limit the choice of a customer to one brand when actually there are many brands in the market? Our in-depth knowledge about the vehicle industry gives us the advantage to advise you on the best vehicle for you.

Because our network is wide we are able to give you a quote within a minute from the major vehicle traders without you having to waste precious time driving to all of them.

Time is money so keep well your time and make the money you desired. Come to the alternative market and with any budget we can arrange a good vehicle to your taste.

We can also help you sell that old vehicle you have at a very competitive price in the shortest possible time. This will enable you realize the financial need you require instantly. Should it become necessary, we can organize a financial help to you on the accounts of your vehicle.

At PH Motors, we understand what the word RISK means; that is why we will help you arrange for the best insurance cover and company for you. In times of any eventuality to your vehicle, all you need to do is just a phone call and leave the rest to us. This is because we know we are dealing with People’s Heart.

Let the problems of vehicle servicing, as well as maintenance and repairs be a thing of the past. We will keep your records tightly and make sure these issues are done on the respective dates.

To own a bad vehicle can drain you both emotionally, physically and financially. Many people we have come across have never put a brick anywhere yet they spent a lot of money on bad vehicles which is very difficult to let go. The choice of buying a vehicle should be our problem not yours so you can concentrate on other aspect of life.

We respect time so we make sure we never fail you. We deliver earlier than you can imagine. If you are a garage owner and require any tool for your work ranging from screw driver to spraying booths, talk to us and you are assured of better and greater tools that gives you maximum result.