Loss Adjusters


Many atimes insurance companies have problem with their policyholders due to interpretation of insurance policies.PH LOSS ADUSTERS has therefore come to be the adjudicator.

We have the means to assemble all the experts to examine your case and indicate if it’s covered or not. We have the links both internal and external to invite our expert to examine your loss technically.

As an insurance company, you have the time to focus on other important things like marketing among others. Leave the claims aspect to us and we will be in the position to explain why a particular claim can be covered; why it may not be covered and under which conditions.

The founders of PH LOSS ADUSTERS have overall about 30 years experience in the insurance industry and you can be assured of paying that claim when you have to pay; rejecting it when you do not have to pay. It’s our job to let your client understand why the claim should not be paid.